Economical and easy to ingest (eat or inhale) large doses of CBD-rich Cannabidiol - a naturally calming, anti-inflammatory nutritional supplement (non-psychoactive). Presently being evaluated are Cancer, Epilepsy, Anxiety and Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, ALS, Heart Disease, Sleep Disorders and more. All Green Garden Gold products are organic, preservative free, non-GMO and come in delicious flavors as shots, lotions, edibles, serum and tinctures

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CBD Sunrise™ Serum

Day Serum starts out with an air of fresh Spearmint and peppery Ginger, to which lively Eucalyptus a..

$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99


• Comes in 3 Bottle Packs • 20mg of (naturally occurring CBD) in each Bottle• Other Ingredients..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

Night Moonglow™ Serum

• *CBD Included 75mg• Anti Wrinkle• Moisturizes• Anti InflammatoryDIRECTIONS: For external use only...

$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99

Salve Lotion

• 2 oz jar Salve Cream• *Phytomolecules, *CBD included – 75mg• Organic hemp CO2 extracted• Vanilla s..

$34.99 Ex Tax: $34.99

Tube Lotion

• 2 oz in Squeezable Tube• *Phytomolecules, *CBD included - 75mg • Organic hemp CO2 extracted• ..

$24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99